This is a story that I wrote April 5, 2012. It started out by my thinking about how people (myself included) will whoop and holler at a ball game, but are so very quiet at church. I pictured Jesus standing in the middle of a football field with the crowd chanting Je-sus, Je-sus. He was […]


This is a story that I wrote April 5, 2012. It started out by my thinking about how people (myself included) will whoop and holler at a ball game, but are so very quiet at church. I pictured Jesus standing in the middle of a football field with the crowd chanting Je-sus, Je-sus. He was smiling and turning with his arms held outwards as if to say “come to me.”  As I thought about it, the following story evolved.  It is my story. Jesus has my back and the Holy Spirit encourages me. With this team anything/anyone can be defeated.


This is Ed Yaksmith from Gossip International  I’m joined today by Peter Rock and Thomas Doubt who will be reviewing the big game between the Black Devils and the Heirs by Grace broadcasting live from Trinity Stadium. This is not your usual ball game. Let’s talk to them now.

Ed:  Peter, what do you think about the underdog team, Heirs by Grace?  Do you think they have any chance of winning today?

Peter:  I have a good feeling about this game today  I know that it appears that they have no chance of winning, but faith is running strong and I think they have a tremendous chance of pulling this off.

Ed:  What about you Thomas?  The Black Devils have some big guys playing for them  What’s the chance they will lose the game?

Thomas:  (laughs)  I’m looking at the information on the teams now.  The Black Devils have a good track record.  They rarely lose a game.  I don’t see the track record for the Heirs by Grace.  The team’s owner is father to the defense, Jesus.  But wait, where are the rest of the players for Heirs by Grace?  Only two players?  (Incredulous)  I really think this game will be over in short time.  Until I see it with my own eyes, I will never believe that the Heirs by Grace can win.  And did you see that coach they have?  He speaks so soft his team will never hear him!

Ed:  Well, almost time for the game to start  Let’s get in our places.

Peter:  Trinity Stadium is packed today.  The sound is a deafening roar.  The side for the Heirs by Grace are on their feet with their hands raised.  Their voices are in unison, Je-sus, Je-sus.

Thomas:  Yes, but look at the other side!  They are screaming lo-ser, lo-ser, lo-ser; jumping all over each other and pointing at the other side.  They are rowdy and out of control and the game has not even started yet!

 Peter:  Here come the teams now.  Man, look at those Black Devils!  That name sure fits.  Big, ugly guys with shoulders that are bulging and dark, angry faces.  That is one intimidating team.

Thomas:  Here come the Heirs by Grace.  What?  A woman!  Now I know there’s no chance they can win.  What in the world is a woman doing on that team?  The defense is strong looking, but no match for the size of those Black Devils.  As I stated before, I have to see this with my own eyes before I believe there’s a chance for the Heirs by Grace to win.

Peter:  Yes, but look!  The woman who is called Faithful Servant walks as if she has total confidence of winning.  No fear on that face.  But, her defense has got his job cut out for him to keep those Black Devils away from her.

Thomas:  The game is starting.  One last huddle with their coaches.  That coach for the Black Devils is even bigger than the players.  A dark, brooding character.

Peter:  Yes, but look at the coach for the Heirs by Grace.  He moves so easy with a bold confidence.  I want to see how he’ll be after the game starts.  I bet you’ll see a different side then.

Thomas:  It’s going to be hard for his team to hear him with all that noise.  No problem with the Black Devils’ coach.  His voice is booming even now as he screams his last instructions to his team.

Peter:  The Black Devils have the first play.  There it goes…the first kick.  Fear caught it.  He’s running.  Looks like he’s getting ready to pass it to Despair.  Hey, look, Jesus just intercepted the ball.  Now he’s getting ready to pass it to Faithful Servant.

Thomas:  That’s a long throw.  She’ll never catch it!  Oh my, she’s got it  Running, with Jesus right behind her.  Ut oh, here comes Doubt.  Jesus is blocking.  Doubt cannot get by him.

Peter:  This is definitely an exciting game!  Faithful Servant has a grip on that ball.  For those of you who have never seen this game before, that ball contains promises – salvation, healing, blessings…no wonder she’s got such a grip on that ball!

Thomas:  The Black Devils are thundering after her.  Compared to them Faithful Servant is so small.  If they catch up with her…oh my, that’s not a happy thought.

Peter:  Unbelief is thundering towards Faithful Servant.  He’s getting ready to tackle her.  But wait, there’s Jesus cutting in between.  He just knocked Unbelief backwards.  Now Jesus is holding his arms out on each side.  The Black Devils cannot get around him.  And listen to that coach for Heirs by Grace.  That still, small voice is now thundering with encouragement.  Faithful Servant is running in a straight line towards the goal.  Nothing is going to stop her now.  She holds promises in her arm and Jesus has definitely got her back.  Black Devils are flying backwards all over the place.  Wow!  There goes Discouragement landing on his back.

Thomas:  Man, I would never have believed it if I had not seen it just now.  She’s almost there.  This is so exciting!  Jesus just tackled Death!  I believe he’s down for good.  There!  Faithful Servant just ran past the goal!  She’s holding the ball over her head.  Now she’s on her knees with her arms raised in the air.  I saw it with my eyes and I still find it hard to believe.

Peter:  The crowd is in an uproar.  I’m really excited to be able to be here to see this monumental victory.

Ed:  This is definitely one for the history books.  The Black Devils are picking themselves up off the ground.  They have definitely been defeated.  They were such an intimidating team.  They just don’t seem quite as large as they were.  I don’t think they will want to come up against the Heirs by Grace anytime soon.


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